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Cartes, Plans, Itinéraires : cartes et atlas géographiques, plans de villes, itinéraires et trafic routiers et cartes routières

Selection of resources of maps and geographical atlas, map of cities in France, Europe and in the world. Road routes, traffic and roadmaps.
Version française  
Map and road & geographical atlas  
Routes and town maps  
must see
Bus, subway, tram in Paris/Ile de France area
Tourists maps
To translate some pages from french to english : SYSTRAN Translation
Maps and atlas
Odden's bookmarks
Search engine of maps and cartographic resources. Keyword search with choice of the country and among several headings: maps, charts and atlas, companies, waiters, salesmen, literature, libraries, department of cartography...
UT Library on-line
The online library of University of Texas (Austin). It proposes an enormous resource of maps of major cities in the world: physics and administrative maps but also historical. List documents with date of edition and volume in KB. Impressive.
Atlas Universalis en français
The countries Atlas of Encyclopedia Universalis . It proposes more than 200 maps of countries (administrative and physics-relief mpas ) accompanied by economic and social information. Pleasant interface with interactive planispheres.
Yahoo! Encyclopedia en français
Precise and clear maps resulting from the Hachette Encyclopaedia. Maps of France, and major cities in France.
Maps of "Le Monde Diplomatique en français
Website of the french daily newspaper. Geopolitical charts classified by localization or policies (inequalities, oil, refugees, environment, criminality, AIDS, international relations). For better understanding the daily news. Very beautiful didactic maps.
The National Geographical Institute sells its maps on line (tourist maps, roadmaps, sea maps, relief maps, planispheres...). Possibility of downloading free maps of France (administrative and relief).
Mapquest: World Atlas
The World Atlas of , large US portal dedicated to travelling. Physical maps and detailed policies of US states (and other countries of north america) and of the European countries.
Political and physical maps, charts of 180 countries. Also planispheres. Another part of the site proposes economic, social and data of the countries.
Space imaging
Satellite images of US large cities (up to one meter of precision) and other countries. Amazing. e.g: Manhattan before and after September 11, 2001. Major cities of the world (e.g. for France: Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Paris, Nantes, Strasbourg, Toulouse).
Maptech MapServer contains more than 60 000 topographic, maritime, aeronautical and air maps, as well as satellite photographs. Cover only the USA. Seek by city, postal code.
And also: Color maps and economic situation
Expedia Detailed maps of North America. maps of tlarge cities. Hotels.
Other resources about economic and social data
Road routes and plans of cities
Via Michelin en français
Mappy en français
Cartographic portal and guide for leisure in France, Europe and major cities (Paris, Lyon, London, Barcelona, Roma...). Calculation of routes, roadmaps and town maps for 20 european countries. The calculation of routes are also possible for Paris and Ile-de-France area (Island-of-France). Also: weather, traffic, "Bison Fute" (Smart Bison)... Possibility of downloading informations on PDA. Selection of business addresses, exits, holidays, weekend... Nothing misses on this portal. In the past, pioneer of the road cartography on the Web. en français
Town maps of major cities in France and Europe. Possibility of receiving maps by email. Maps of access to the large airports, stages, stations and towns of France (Paris, Lyon, Nice...). Skeletal calculation of routes (time criteria, toll, motorway, fuel pirce,kind of car).
Vialys en français
Cartographic search portal . Calculation of routes, roadmaps and town maps (with zoom up to 1 km) for about fifty European countries (Western Europe, Eastern Europe). TThe calculation of routes also gives the hotels, restaurants, monuments, service stations, vineyards (Mmmh)... present on the road. Original, the Proximity Directory allows, after having chosen an activity and having returned an address, to obtain a list of the professionals close to at home. Also available: weather and traffic information in France and Europe. Maps and Hotels of Paris.
City maps for more than 80 countries. Also routes for all these countries. Impressing...
Calculation of routes for North America and Europe.
Road traffic
Via Michelin en français
"Bison Fute" (Smart Bison) en français
Website of the Ministry for the Equipment allows all to know about road traffic in France in real time : traffic conditions, weather, forecasts and traffic conditions for the next Week-end, information in real time, calendar of the traffic for one year, collars, snowing up, cards of safety, new roads and motorways... Nothing miss. In premium, access to road information of the principal European countries.
You can access to information by great areas. Example for the West: Interactive map of Normandy, Brittany and Pays of the Loire, general conditions of circulation, etc...
Sytadin en français
Information about traffic in Ile-de France Area (Paris, North-western, North-eastern, South-western, South-eastern). With legend of the "events": congestions, closings, work, accidents).

Via Michelin en français
Reference Portal proposing of the roadmaps,routes, town maps of major european cities,traffic information and weather, and selections of hotels and restaurants in Paris and France. Maps of France, Paris, Nice.
Routes : calculation of city to city in Europe with parameter setting (the shortest route, fastest, by motorway, tourist). The calculation of routes gives the hotels, restaurants, monuments, car stations on the road.
Traffic : traffic in Paris and Ile-de-France with time of ranges. Posting of the "events": work, demonstrations, stoppers, accidents, snow. Precise and pleasant charts.

Subway, Bus in Paris and Ile-de-France area
Citefutee en français
Site of the RATP dedicated to the charts, plans and routes . Propose:
- maps of bus and subway networks, the RER map (Area Network Train), trams map for Paris and Ile-de-France area.
- maps of district (Paris and close outskirts)
- calculations of routes (in bus, subway, tram or RER) by cboice of address or station.
Tourists maps
Cybevasion en français
Maps, information and index for travel and tourism in France (Paris, Riviera, Lyon, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes, Nîmes, Montpellier, Marseille, Cannes, Nice, Orléans, Deauville, Rouen....) : Hotels, Interactive Maps (Flash), Cars, Flight, Images and useful information.
Interactive maps of Paris and suburb en français
Maps of Paris and suburb with popular places, monuments, museums, hotels, train and metro stations. Link to subway maps. Maps en français
Many useful maps for sightseeing in Paris : museums, shops, train stations, monuments. Also historic maps of Paris.


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